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Guitar-Slash - Lead guitar performace technique identifier

21 Jun 2021 Python/ MIR

I created Guitar-Slash with deep-learning, signal processing techniques, and music information retrieval techniques, to detect lead guitar performance techniques ('Vibrato', 'Slide', etc.) by just providing an audio of a lead guitar part.

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Java Concurrency - Mutually Exclusive Access to a Shared Object

10 Jan 2021 Java

Monitor is a mechanism that is used to overcome concurrenccy synchronization issue by allowing controlled access when multiple threads are requesting for access. Demo shows how multiple threads access a shared resource and update its state.

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A Library Management System with Angular+Play Framework

11 March 2020 Angular + Play

This project demonstrates basic CRUD operations of a library management system that can be built using MySql database, play framework bakcend APIs and Angular frontend. A Fine is calculated by hours from due date and time.

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Approaching Maximum Flow Problem with Ford Fulkerson

11 March 2020 Java

Maximum flow problem is finding how much stuff can be carried out in a network from source to sink (target). The approach in this demo is the Ford Fulkerson method. The implementation used is the Edmond’s-Karp algorithm.

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Writing a B-machine Specification to Validate Every Logical Requirement

11 March 2020 Abstract Machine Notation

B method is an abstract machine which specifies what your system should be like, How it should behave. A Robot moving in a 5x5 2D Maze, starting and exiting from the maze is demonstrated using Pro B and Atelier B tools.